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About me

I am a tenure-track Instructor in computer science at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I am currently teaching in the Science stream of the Vantage One Program, which is a new, interdisciplinary, first-year program at UBC. In the computer science department, I have recently be focusing on our software engineering stream courses, CPSC 110, CPSC 210, and CPSC 310.

I am a member of the UCOSP (Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects) steering committee. UCOSP provides an avenue for senior computer science undergraduates to collaborate with other students from post-secondary institutions across Canada and an industry or faculty mentor on an open source project. I also locally supervise UBC’s UCOSP students.

Many of my services activites focus on increasing diversity at UBC. I am a member of the Vantage College Equity, Diversity, and Access committee. I was a member of the UBC computer science FoWCS (Focus on Women in Computer Science) committee for five years. I am a resource person for UBC’s Positive Space campaign.

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